SU: Additions

SU: Additions 3.0

Play 16 different types of Solitaire

In this freeware solitaire pack you'll find 16 of the most popular "addition" games from the 'Solitaires Unlimited' collection. In these solitaire games you do not need to build long card sets, but simply dismiss paired cards from the game field.

The best known solitaire in this collection is Pyramid, but the others are no less addictive. And of course all features of the full Solitaires Unlimited collection are still here, including detailed how-to-play instructions, next move suggestion, unlimited undo, timed game and many others.

Key features include:

  • Sharp and clear graphics
  • Play cards by dragging or tapping
  • Unlimited undo
  • Next move suggestion feature
  • Card movement animation
  • Timed game
  • Best Times statistics
  • Current game state saved on exit
  • Detailed help for each game
  • Adjustable card backs, game field color and other interface options

Multi-game Solitaire pack.

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SU: Additions


SU: Additions 3.0

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